Cool game: Three Kingdoms - The HuaRong Path

(A javascript Web 2.0 approach)

Try this new version in mobile >>>>> Android App (APK) or serach for "Mark Qian" at Google Play to get it. More fun: you can play it with a group of people over the web. Try to see!

The game is based on a Chinese 
historic story during the Three Kingdoms 
The king in the puzzle with a golden star 
(see the picture below) tried to escape 
through a very very very narrow ( you will
feel how "narrow" it is) mountain path 
named HuaRong but blocked by five generals
on the enemy side...

How can he escape?

One of the major goals of this game is building up a community where people can share games (different starting arrangement) and solutions or your approaches (the incompleted steps), a Web 2.0. That is, you can not only play the game but also generate new games and find new solutions to share with your friends.

Hint: after you move the puzzle around for about 60 times, a new button will appear and you can click to see how others win.

How to play:

 (1). The Chinese traditional puzzle
game starts like this
 (2)To win, you need to move (by
dragging - press left mouse button, hold it,
move the mouse, and relase the mouse button
on the destination place) puzzles around
so that you can move the puzzle with a yellow
star (on the top) to the exit point (at the bottom)
like the picture below.

Additionally, you can challenge different starting
type (select a type from the list box on the right panel
in the game). A real winer is the one who find the
best path with minimum steps. You can export/copy and
import/paste steps recorded by the game to share
it with your frinds to find the best path.

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