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A typical problem with home pages:

     For most home pages, specially those with 
     huge size of page hierarchy, a big problem
     is that most of your visitors do not have
     patient to browse every page in your site.
     They just pick whatever looked interesting
     - one or two pages. Or they may be attracted
     by an interested link to other sites in your 
     pages and never return to your sites to see 
     the rest pages on your sites.

     How can you expose your site AMAP?


To solve this problem, you need an easy way to show the hierarchy of your site at the first place. CooBar is a great way to do this.

CooBar is a button table with pop-up menu 
bars and tooltips(it is running at bottom of
this widnow). Its pop-up menu can support, 
theoretically, unlimited layers of sub menus. Each 
button in sub menus has its own tootips, sound effect,
button images.  It is highly costumizable.
This applet may contain hundreds of buttons.
How can I design and maintain this huge button system?
Don't worry: CooBar comes with a cool wizard,

CooBar Wizard provides a visual design environment where you can design, and maintain your button system on a button tree.">">
Price info of shareware version is available.


Note: It is not recommended that you edit these parameters manually. Please use CooBar Wizard to generate the HTML to call CooBar. fgcolor - Text color of buttons bgcolor - Backgraound color of buttons if there is no background images are specified. bardir - Arragement of the button table. 0 - buttons will be arrange in rows: horizontally 1 - buttons will be arrange in columns: vertically barnum - Number of buttons in a row/column. baralign - The way to align the last row/column if the row/column is not fully filled with button. background - URL of background image. This image will be used to cover the area not covered by buttons. waitMax - The period to wait before CooBar close pop-up sub menu automatically. stopMax - The period to wait before CooBar stop the delay effect. CooBar will delay detecting mouse position for a period specified be stopMax so that users can move their mouse cursor over other buttons in order to reach the pop-up menu. This feature will reduce the sensitive of popping up but let users to reach a pop-up menu easily. moveDelay - Similar to stopMax. moveDelay determent how many mouse movement to delay before detecting mouse position. This feature will reduce the sensitive of popping up but let users to reach a pop-up menu easily. tipY - initial Y coordinate of tooltips. menuY - initial Y coordinate of Pop-up sub menu. button_1 ... button_x_y... - Parameter array with names started with "button" define the hierarchy of button system in following way: Levels are delimited by "_". For example, button_1 has three children: button_1_1, button_1_2, button_1_3 while button_1_3 has its own children button_1_3_1, button_1_3_2, button_1_3_3, button_1_3_4, ... Values of button parameters are organized in following way: Fields in each value of button parameter are delimited with "|" and arranged in following order Label0 - button label text displayed when no focus Label1 - button label text displayed when button has focus Label2 - button label text displayed when button is clicked URL - url to open when clicking image0 - url of button image when no focus image1 - url of button image when button has focus image2 - url of button image when button is clicked au0 - url of sound file when button has focus au1 - url of sound file when button is clicked hint - content of tooltips width - width of button height - height of button auMode - audio mode: 0 - play once 1 - play repeatly (loop) subOpenMode - sub menu open mode 0 - open when mouse cursor move over 1 - open when clicking urlOpenMode - target of url. It is the same as the target supported in HTML and can be _blank, _parent, _self, _top, user-defined frame name, ... barAlign - way to align button text bevelW0 - vertical bevel of button when no focus bevelH0 - herizontal bevel of button when no focus bevelW1 - vertical bevel of button when button has focus bevelH1 - herizontal bevel of button when button has focus fontSize - font size of button text. Default is 20. fontv - vertical adjustment of button text. Defualt is 20.

Detail Instructions for installation:


What if downloading fails using the button above?

In this case, Go to Author's FTP Page directly to download them there! Please Send us a message if you encounter difficulty with downloading so that we can solve the problem shortly. 2). Unzip in a temperary directory, say c:\tmp_bar, in your local machine 3). Run SETUP.EXE unzipped from the package to rename class files. (because PKUNZIP will extract the class file, coobar.class, to coobar.cla). If you prefer to rename them manuly, you have to RENAME *.cla to *.class. NOTE: They are case sensitive: all in lower case. At this time, you should have following files in c:\tmp_ad cbwizard.class cbwmsg.class cbwnode.class cbwopt.class cbwview.class cbwopt.class common.class cooabout.class coobar.class coobut.class cooDraw.class coohint.class coosound.class coosub.class bbb.gif greypa.gif red.gif stone.gif README.TXT test_bar.htm 4). Open test_bar.htm with your browser locally. If it works locally, go to next step. Otherwise, go to step B) below. 5). Try test_bar.htm online. - place all the files in your HTML directory, say public_html, in your server. IMPORTANT: class files have to be uploaded with BINARY mode. Make sure that you make all the files readable You may want to use following UNIX command to do it chmod 740 ~/public_html/*.* - Browse the test_bar.htm in your server from your local machine remotely. If it works, go to next step. Otherwise, go to step B) below. B). Contact Mark Qian. EMail the test URL to Mark Qian so that he can take a close look.