CooChat (version 1.00 build 000)

The best browser to view this chat system is Netscape

CooChat is a chat system (an Applet)
consisting of two JavaBeans: CooPro and CooTank.

CooChat provides both an aquarium tank and a regular chat window. 
The chat window provides regular chat environment such as
chat enter field, chat log window, and other options. See
CooPro for the details of the regular chat widnow.

In the tank, each object(Tropical fish, jellyfish, seahors, shell and 
even user-imported image) represents a chating person in current chat room.
See CooTank for the details of the tank.

Note: CooChat requires a JDK1.1 environment.

      IE (4.x) is the best browser to use CooChat as an applet or a JavaBean in an applet.
      A regular Netscape 4.x doesn't provide a complete JDK1.1 environment
      unless you upgrated it.  To upgrate Netscape, go
  Be sure you download the one supporting JDK1.1.5.">">
TheAdware version is FREE. A major difference between an Adware version and a registered shareware version is that an ad link will randomly replace your links so that visitors can jump to author's site is included.


All the arguments of CooPro and CooTank are available to CooChat.

Installation Instructions:

0). Download CooChat at html/app_cc.htm 1). Unzip to, say c:\my_bean you will get following files c:\my_bean\jelly16.gif c:\my_bean\floor.gif c:\my_bean\bubble.gif c:\my_bean\ c:\my_bean\tips.gif c:\my_bean\fish21.gif c:\my_bean\fish22.gif c:\my_bean\fish23.gif c:\my_bean\fish24.gif c:\my_bean\fish25.gif c:\my_bean\fish26.gif c:\my_bean\fish27.gif c:\my_bean\shell11.gif c:\my_bean\shell12.gif c:\my_bean\shell13.gif c:\my_bean\shell14.gif c:\my_bean\shell15.gif c:\my_bean\jelly15.gif c:\my_bean\jelly11.gif c:\my_bean\jelly12.gif c:\my_bean\jelly13.gif c:\my_bean\jelly14.gif c:\my_bean\horse11.gif c:\my_bean\horse12.gif c:\my_bean\horse13.gif c:\my_bean\horse14.gif c:\my_bean\horse15.gif c:\my_bean\ c:\my_bean\FILE_ID.DIZ c:\my_bean\Readme.txt c:\my_bean\cootank.cgi c:\my_bean\test_ck12$SymAction.class c:\my_bean\test_ck12$SymCTActionEvent.class c:\my_bean\test_ck12.class c:\my_bean\test_ck11$SymCTActionEvent.class c:\my_bean\test_ck11.class c:\my_bean\cootank.jar c:\my_bean\Test_ck22.htm c:\my_bean\app_cc.htm c:\my_bean\test_ck21.htm c:\my_bean\Test_ck11.htm c:\my_bean\Test_ck12.htm 2). Upload files on to your server, say You need to upload following files to your server and you will get them as following$SymAction.class$SymCTActionEvent.class$SymCTActionEvent.class 3). Setup cootank.cgi if you like to load stuff from your server. See details at section 4 of part I above. 4). Try it online. Browse or with IE 4.x or upgrated Netscape. Note: a regular Netscape browser downloaded from Netscape won't work. You need to upgrate it to support JDK1.1. Go to upgrate it. Or simply switch to IE (4.x)