CooZip is a file searching tool. Why use CooZip? *************** Here are the situations where CooZip is really cool: - If you have a digital camera or you have a lot of images, you may have problem with viewing tons of huge pictures you have. Specially, you may need to zip them before store them into CDs but how to view them in a convenient way such as a controlable slide show without unzipping them from the zipped file? CooZip allows you to view all the pictures in your zip files no mater how deep they are hidden in zip of zip of zip... of directories of directories ... Just point to the top directory where all your pictures/zips reside such as the root directory of your picture CD and enjoy. CooZip gives you the full contol of the slide show: switching pictures at a specified perion or clicking for next and more... - Windows only provide regular directory level searching ... what if you want to search all the zip, jar, war or ear files? What about a zip within another zip within another zip...within another zip? - If you look at your temp directory, you may find a lot of files that you donwloaded from the web to search what were inside but forgot to delete them. You don't need to download them with CooZip - just view them directly in memory! CooZip provides following functions: *********************************** - search a directory hierarchy for files given file names - search zip files in a given directory hierarchy for given file (specified by file names) - search a string (or a file) in zip files in zip files in zip files ..... That is, CooZip can search files or strings in zip files recursively. - search files in directories or in zip files for content (strings). - search a text file or a zip file for text or pictures. - wild card, *, is supported. - Picture slide show: a must-try cool feature where it illustrates all the pictures under the specified directory including pictures in zip files! - Search text files or zip files on the web without download and unzip them to your file system. - All the processing is done in memory - not temp file will be created. It is a "Adware" (See the detail definition of "AdWare" at That means that it is FREE. Requirement: *********** .Net Framework (CLR) if your win2000 or winxp does not have the cLR or you use any OS older than win2000 or winxp. You can download it at or Installation: ************* Unzip to the desire location in your file system, say c:\, and double click at the c:\CooZip\CooZip.exe to launch it. Uninstallation: *************** Remove directory c:\CooZip Update: ******* You can always get the latest version at Contact: ******** Please contact the author, Mark Qian, at or if you have any question or feedback. Enjoy!