What is Go5?

Go5 is a simple but funny Chinese board game. Here are its rules: 1). two players who take turn to place marbles onto the chess field(just like GO except that marbles are placed in squares) 2). one wins when he/she first makes 5 his/her marbles in a continuous line. For example, Black won in following cases:

Note: 1). You will play with the machine in the one-player game. Try it: the machine is quite smart. Can you beat it? 2). The two-player game is an internet game. It means that you can play with anyone crossing the web. If you don't have a partner, you may want to open an additional Go5 to simulate the other player so that you can see how Go5 handles two players.


1). Two-end-empty Triples and one-end-empty quadruples are your targets while quadruples with two empty ends are too late to prevent from losing since a two-end-empty quadruple has two ends to become a set of five. 2). "Worry about your own business first!". That is, sometimes blocking the other player's Triples and quadruples is more important than making yours.

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