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CooScale (V1.1)

If you don't see anything above(only a dark square)
or see an error message in the status bar like: 


that means that you are using a Netscape which doesn't fully support JDK1.1.
You can upgrade your netscape so that it fully supports JDK1.1. 
Or simply switch to IE 4.x!!

you can view CooScale on this page with a non-upgrated Netscape.

Another Style

The Cooscales on this page is driven by a timer bean to simulate a progress.
Please place your mouse cursor on it to see different tooltips during different
percentage periods.

CooScale is a cool 3D-look multimedia progress bar.

Why: 1). it supports customizable sound and animation with a variety of modes. 2). it provides tooltips. You can show your advertisements, descriptions, and instructions according to progress.(To see this feature, just place your mouse cursor on the bean above to watch it display different content for different percentages). 3). it has better compitability. It can be used with both IE(4.x) and Netscape (4.x). The Adware version is FREE!!

More details about Downloads, Perperties, Events, Programming issues, and Installation are available