Chat with CORBA: OrbixChat

I. Description:

OrbixChat(1.0) is a simple chat system built with OrbixWeb(3.1c). It demostrates both how clients call server objects through a CORBA-FREE API and how server objects make callbacks to clients.

II. Instructions of installation:

Requirement: OrbixWeb(3.1c), JDK(tm) 1.1.7A. note: the OrbixWeb(3.1c) is not compitable with JDK1.2. 0). Install OrbixWeb(3.1c) and run its Configuration Wizard to add OCServer.jar to its classpath 1). Download jar files: OCServer.jar and OCClient.jar and place them in the proper places in your server. 2). Start your OebixWeb daemon. 3). Register the chat object by running put.bat in the package note: put.bat is batch file for NT environment onlly. The details about how to register you object is available at OrbixWeb(3.1c). 4). Run the client. A batch file, run.bat in the package is availabel for NT env.

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