Here Is How To Play With Call-To-Chat:


Step 1:

Enter user name, say "User A" and click at "Non-member Connect" button of CooCoo.

Step 2:

When User A's chat dialog is popped up, click at "Call Center". and enter a name, say "User B", in user name field. Next, click at "Add User" button. Then, click at Exit to close Call Center.

Step 3:

Click at the minimize button at the top-right corner of CooCoo.

Step 4:

(Simulate the called person(User B)'s action) Launch another Browser instance at following URL (Note: You have to start a different browser instance so that it can pop up a different CooCoo): html/app_coo.htm click at Enter CooCoo. Enter user name "User B" and click at "Non-member Connect" button of CooCoo. Note: you have to use user name "User B" so that User A's CooCoo can receive the call. At this moment, you will see a message box notices that "User A wants to chat with you" from User B's CooCoo right after you login as User B. At about the same time (it may take several seconds), you will see another message box popped up by UserA's CooCoo: "User B replyed and wanted to chat with you" - that means your call to User B is replyed. In this way, you can "call" and chat with anyone around the world with CooCoo!

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