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Number Of Shareware

You register


Number of Shareware

You get For FREE


Number Of Shareware

You Will Get Totally

N + X

1 0 1
2 1 3
3 2 5
4 3 7
5 6 11
6 8 14
7 13 20
8 15 23
9 19 28
10 23 33

Be sure: you let Mark Qian know what you want for FREE if you register more than one.

To get FREE shareware, please EMail Mark: 

    1). Which shareware you have registered? (N>1)                                   

        Please provide the Registration Codes of the shareware you registered.

    2). You first and last name

    3). Where did you register (Compusrve, North Star, or By check)?

    4). When did you register?

    5). What shareware do you want for FREE? (Please list X of them. You can find X from the table above)

        You can also pick Java applets as your FREE shareware.

Base Prices

Registration is just a click away!!



After You Left $15
Flying Perfect $15
Office Maid $15
Space Explorer $19
Jurassic Land - Forest $18
Amazing - Clock $19
Amazing - Lakes $19
Amazing - Moutains $19
Amazing - Rivers $19
Amazing - Seasons $19
Amazing - Sunset $19
Incredible - America $20
Incredible - Asia $20
Incredible - Europe $20
Incredible - Evening $20
Incredible - Fog $20
Incredible - Japan $20
Incredible - Lands $20
Incredible - Moon $20
Incredible - Sun $20
Incredible - Mountains $20
Incredible - Rian $20
Incredible - Rivers $20
Incredible - Space $20
Incredible - Sunset $20
Incredible - Night $20
Incredible - Morning $20
Incredible - Snow $20
Incredible - Winter $20
Incredible - Tropic $20
Incredible - Wild $20
Funnist - Money $15
Savervisor $20
StockMan FREE
NOTE: If you choose the fatest way to register or choose pay with check and 

your bank is not an American bank, you will be charged some processing fee

additionally(see details below). 

How to Register



These software are shareware.  That means: TRY before BUY.  You should 

REALLY make sure that

    -- They work in your machine;

    -- You REALLY like to keep them;

before you register them.  They are provided AS IS.  There is not 

warranty.  Once you register them, they(their Registration Codes)

can not be returned, exchanged, or refunded.  No diskettes nor any

other material will be sent to you. Only things you will get 

after you register them are the Registration Codes which will turn 

the copies you download into registered copies so that you can still 

use them after 30 days.

There a many ways to register

The Cheapest Way

The Fatest Way

Other Ways


By CompuServe

If you are able to access to CompuServe, you can register this shareware in CompuServe without any additional charge such as processing fee. Instruction to register in Compuserve: 1). GO SWREG (That is, select Service from menu bar, next select GO, then key in SWREG.) 2). Reigster using the name of the shareware (That is, first select Register Shareware from the list, secondly, click at Proceed, thirdly, select your region, next, select Name, finally key in the name) You will be charged: Registration Fee (the price listed above) We will EMail your the Registration Code shortly(normally within 24 hours).

By Phone

Get Code in a minute!! If you have a valid Visa or MasterCard, just call NorthStar Solutions at 1-800-699-6395 (call 18036996395 outside USA) from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., Eastern Standard Time. Please have the following information ready: 1). The program and version number you are registering 2). Your Visa or MasterCard number, its expiration date, and the first and last name on the card You will be charged: Registration Fee (the price listed above) + $3 (process fee) The operator will give you the Registration Code right through the phone.

By EMail

You can register in NorthStar Solusion through Internet. Click to register!

By Snail

If you can neither access to Compuserve nor call NorthStar, you can mail a check or money order to Mark Qian P.O. Box 390235, Mountain View, CA. 94039-0235 USA with amont of Registration Fee (the price listed above) + $15.00 (bank collection fee for checks from banks outside USA. Please ignore this fee if your check is from a bank in USA.) Please make payable to MARK QIAN. As soon as the check clears the bank, the author will either Email or mail you the registration code. Please describe your name, mail or Email address clearly.(An EMail address will allow you to get the Code much sooner.) Important: If your check is from a bank outside USA, please 1). write your check in US dillars(You need to mark US dollar on the check); 2). DON'T write any note on the check(The bank will charge more if you write a note on the check). If your check does not satisfy the requirements above, we will not clear the bank with your check (we will destroy your check) and not send you the registration code. FOREIGN ORDERS AND CASH: We can process cash payments in U.S. dollars. We can not accept responsibility for cash lost in the mail. As soon as your check clear the bank OK. We will Mail you the Registration Code. (An Email address will let you get the code much sooner).