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The issues might interest you:

I. Screen Savers

(Click at the names below to see details and download)
After You Left Flying Perfect - Holloween Flying Perfect - Valentine Funniest - Money
Savervisor Space Explorer Jurassic Land - Forest Office Maid
Amazing - Clock Amazing - Lakes Amazing - Mountains Amazing - Rivers
Amazing - Seasons Amazing - Sunset Incredible - America Incredible - Asia
Incredible - Europe Incredible - Evenings Incredible - Fog Incredible - Japan
Incredible - Lands Incredible - Moon Incredible - Morning Incredible - Mountains
Incredible - Night Incredible - Rain Incredible - Rivers Incredible - Space
Incredible - Sunset Incredible - Sun Incredible - Snow Incredible - Tropic
Incredible - Wild Incredible - Winter CooFowl Fish - Mark's first saver, very old...

Note: The savers marked with are Hot. The savers marked with are Too Cool to miss.
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Please Send us a message if you encounter any difficulty with downloading so that we can solve the problem shortly. We can even email you the software.

II. Windows Application

.NET Applications ( .Net Framewor is required.)
CooZipA cool file search tool which can recursively search zip files in directory hierarchy! It is also a very cool picture slide show tool displaying all the pictures under the specified directory including the pictures in zip files!

III. Java

Java applets

Each of Mark's applets comes with two versions: Adware (unregistere shareware) - Free software with limited functions or full functions but attached with author info. Registered Shareware - Full functions required registration.
Animator (Java applet)
Ad (Java applet)
Message (Java applet)
Talk (Java applet, TOP 25% in JARS)
CButton (Java applet, TOP 25% in JARS)
CoolMap (Java applet, TOP 25% in JARS)
Ghost (Java applet, TOP 25% in JARS)
CooCoo (Java applet, TOP 5% in JARS)
CooBar (Java applet)
CooTank (Java applet/Bean, TOP %25 in JARS)
CooMail (Java applet/Bean/Application)
CooCoo Pro (Java applet/Bean/Application)
CooWild (Java applet, TOP %25 in JARS)
CooChat (Java applet, TOP %25 in JARS)
Go5 (Java applet, TOP %25 in JARS)
OrbixChat (Java CORBA client/server applications)

Java Applications
CooHuntAn extremely cool automatic navigator and search engine!

Java Beans
CooScaleA progress bar with sound and tooltips
CooTipsTooltips with sounds
CooMailEmail anywhere

IV. Other FREE Stuff

Financial tools StockMan (freeware)

Sound Bank

This is a package of a variety of sound files: from singing birds to running rivers...ocean waves...There are at least two ways to make use of these files: 1). Use them as background sounds for Mark Qian's screen savers! 2). Use them as the background sounds for your home pages. To use these Wave and MIDI files in your home pages, you need to convert MID files to WAV files using CSound and convert WAV files into au files using CoolEdit. Be sure that you try the minimum quality first: Mono, 8 bit, 8000Khz Sample rate. Then, you need to use a program to play it. A cool Java applet,TALK, can be used to play these sounds on your home page.


A variety of animal sound...


Tons of human voice...


A stream of music clip...


Natual poems...


Many kind of noise on the earth...

Registration is only a click away! Please Send us a message if you encounter any difficulty with downloading so that we can solve the problem shortly. We can even email you the software.

Basic Utilities

  • VBRUN300.DLL -- A Dynamic Link Library required by all the programs in Visual Basic.
  • pkZIP -- A program used to unZIP your downloaded files.
  • Macfee -- A program used to protect your machine.
  • PaintShop -- A image editor.
  • CoolEdit -- Audio Editor - A audio editor for WAV <=> AU.
  • CSound -- A audio editor for MIDI <=> AU.
  • Web Publishing Wizard -- An uploading tool that supports long file names. It is perfect for uploading Java applets to Compuserve's Ourworld.

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