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Use Mark's Applets With Javascript

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(This feature is only available in Netscape Navigator V3.0 or later)

What is COOL? You can now play a sound when - Mouse cursor move over links, icons, images, - Page is opened (loaded) - Page is Closed (unloaded) - Click at any button - any event with a Javascript handler The sound can also be turn on/off with Javascript such as a button.

Note: All of Mark's applets have the same capability of working with Javascript as Animator does while only Animator is shown here.

Running applets:

(It may take a while to load...)


It may take a while to load sound...

Buttons below will not work until

the browser finishes loading.

Animator can be controled by Javascript

Animator can also be used to play some foreground sounds when working with Javascript:

Place your mouse 


 to play a sound.

 You can also place

 mouse on the image

 on the right...

If you get a Javascript Alert

when you click the button above, please wait for a while and click at it again.