CooTank As A JavaBean in An Applet: Popup Style

The CooTank bean is contained in an applet, test_ck11.class.
The purpose of test_ck11 is to allow you test the events fired by
CooTank Bean.  CooTank fires events when you enter, exist, view tips,
open url, and it switch links.

All the environment info and link info are fetch from the server.

The tank will live after the browser is switched to different page. (It may take some time to load, please be patient.)
CooTank is running with following setings <APPLET CODE="test_ck.class" CODEBASE="classes/cootank" Archive="cootank.jar" WIDTH=500 HEIGHT=60> <param name=screenW value="500"> <param name=screenH value="400"> <param name=tankCGI value="/cgi-bin/cootank.cgi"> <param name=linkFile value="/users/u2/markqian/data/cootank/linkfile"> <param name=imageFile value="/users/u2/markqian/data/cootank/imagefile"> <param name=soundFile value="sound/"> <param name=waterFill value="1"> <param name=keyShutDown value="0"> <param name=goPass value="1"> <param name=openAsStart value="0"> <param name=tankBgColor value="000000"> <param name=randomFish value="1"> <param name=offWhenLeave value="0"> </APPLET> If you don't see anything above(only a dark square) or see an error message in the status bar like: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError java.lang.NoSuchMethodError that means that you are using a browser older than 4.x or a Netscape which doesn't fully support JDK1.1. You can upgrade your netscape so that it fully supports JDK1.1. Or simply switch to IE 4.x!!