CooTank As A JavaBean in An Applet: Embedded Style

The CooTank bean is contained in an applet, test_ck12.class.
The purpose of test_ck12 is to allow you test CooTank Bean's public
methods. There are four public methods are available from the bean:

  talk - have the selected object "speak" what you type
  addObject - add an object in specified type
  deleteObject - delete a selected object
  clearObject - clear all objects

Try it out: design your own tank!!

How many fishes can you add upto?

(It may take some time to load, please be patient.)


CooTank is running with following setings

<APPLET CODE="test_ck12.class"  CODEBASE="classes/cootank" Archive="cootank.jar" WIDTH=500 HEIGHT=500>
<param name=screenW value= "500">
<param name=screenH value= "500">
<param name=popup value= "0">
<param name=soundFile value= "sound/">
<param name=links1 value= "|Somewhere out there...^#^|The best screen savers in the world: from insect to outer space...^#^|Here is Mark's web work: is it cool?^#^|Tons of FREE and cool java applets, Beans, and application over there...Click and cool your site there...">
<param name=links2 value= "|Tons of FREE and cool java applets, Beans, and application over there...Click and cool your site there...^#^|A place to cool your site...^#^|Mark's applet in the real world.^#^html/webz_p.htm|A zoo...where you learn web...">
<param name=evnFiles1 value= "1|1|1|3|3|3|3">
<param name=evnFiles2 value= "0|1|0|images/floor.gif">
<param name=evnFiles3 value= "1|1|0|images/bubble.gif">
<param name=evnFiles4 value= "2|1|0|images/tips.gif">
<param name=evnFiles5 value= "3|5|2|images/fish21.gif|images/fish22.gif|images/fish23.gif|images/fish24.gif|images/fish25.gif|images/fish26.gif|images/fish27.gif">
<param name=evnFiles6 value= "4|5|0|images/shell11.gif|images/shell12.gif|images/shell13.gif|images/shell14.gif|images/shell15.gif">
<param name=evnFiles7 value= "5|4|0|images/horse11.gif|images/horse12.gif|images/horse13.gif|images/horse14.gif">
<param name=evnFiles8 value= "6|6|0|images/jelly11.gif|images/jelly12.gif|images/jelly13.gif|images/jelly14.gif|images/jelly15.gif|images/jelly16.gif">
<param name=waterFill value="1"> 
<param name=keyShutDown value="0"> 
<param name=goPass value="1">
<param name=openAsStart value="0">
<param name=tankBgColor value="000000"> 
<param name=randomFish value="1">
<param name=offWhenLeave value="0">

If you don't see anything above(only a dark square)
or see an error message in the status bar like: 


that means that you are using a browser older than 4.x or a Netscape which doesn't fully support JDK1.1.
You can upgrade your netscape so that it fully supports JDK1.1. 
Or simply switch to IE 4.x!!