Mark's Web Work: Javascript


    Mark Qian has been programming Javascript since 5/96
    Projects include 

        A). A financial application (for Netscape, 5/1996)
	    Tasks include constructing purchasing interactive web pages with LiveConnect
        B). Quote and Ordering System(for Hewlett Packard, 9/1996)
            Construct a huge shopping cart using Javascipt, server-side Java, 
            CGI in Perl. 

        C). OneWebView (for Centigram, 3/1997) 
	    A web-base voice mail and fax system built with Netscape Plugins.
            Tasks include:
             - Full LiveConnect
               1). Calling Java from Plugins; 2). Calling Javascript from Java; 
               3). Calling Java from Javascript; 4). Calling Plugins from Java;
            - Loading resource files(compressed audio files) dynamically (Using type instead of src in embed tag)
            - Implement a web-base fax system         

        D). ARWeb Plus (for Remedy, 7/1997)
	    Construct a WWW server gateway to access Remedy's AR System from the
            Internet or a corporate intranet via popular Web browsers.
	    Javascript was heavily used to perform dynamic HTML field updating.

Some Javascript Approaches in this site

  • Live Connect ! Live Connection (Javascript calling functions in Java applets) is used in this site to implement functions like sound effects. With this approach, any component with a Javaevent handler can play sounds. Examples: - Live Connection Demo page In this page, sounds are play when: a). mouse click b). mouse move over a link c). page is loaded d). Page is unloaded There are also some buttons to turn on/off sound, turn on/off the applet.
  • Dealing with different browsers and different versions To avoid tons of Javascript alert message boxes, at least two issues are needed to be targeted: 1). Determine if the browser support Live Connection 2). Prevent Java functions to be called before they are loaded. Examples: - Live Connection Demo page