Building an AJAX Application (5): The running On-demand Tree:

(By Mark Qian on 9/1/2006)

Compatibility: IE (6.x, 7.x), FireFox (, Mozilla/Netscape(7.2), Opera(9.0)
                      were fully tested and worked in XP (v2002. sp2).
Note: The goal of this demostration is to show how Remote Scripting can be 
             used to build on-demand trees. This is not a solid product so there may be 
             some bugs like it may not be able to find all the links and
             some functionality like "image search" shown is not implemented yet.
             Try it to see how far you can reach and how big the web is;=)
             Interesting experiment: this page is loaded from but the 
             "Search" button below tries to load the tree from a different domain,
             This means that it will violate the same origin policy.
             So what will happen? You may want to try every approach below in the "using" field,
             specially "Dynamic Scripting" to find out ...             
Starting(Seed) Url: for using