Building an AJAX Application (6): On-demand Tree: how big is the web tree?


This page demostrates an "On-demand Tree" where child nodes are loaded when users expand their parent node. The tree in this demo acutually work as a web search tool: it shows the components like links and images in web pages as their child nodes. You can select different type of "Transport" to update the tree and you can choose what type of components to show as the child node: links, pictures, or video...How big can this tree be? Find out youself before it is too big to be contained by your browser;=) Compatibility: IE (6.x, 7.x), FireFox (, Mozilla/Netscape(7.2), Opera(9.0) were fully tested and worked in XP (v2002. sp2).

A. Here are some issues you may be interested in:

  • View the tree in a variety of ways Show details.
  • Design goals behind the view Show details.