Have fun with Mark's ChatSpeak! And see how it is integrated with other directives

Update (4/4/2016):

We used Voice RSS to process our TTS but Voice RSS limits the number of requests to be 350 daily. So sometimes the TextSpeak (which this directive depends on) may not work since the limitation is reached. This will cause the speaking function of this directiv stop working.


Room A

Another instance of Room A

Another room: Room B

More fun with YoutubeSearcher + ActionLink:

Simply select a video from the drop down box below and ActionLink will do the rest:

Here is what was going on as you select a video from the dropdown above:

This is a perfect integration of three directives: YoutubeSearcher, ActionLink and ChatSpeak!

Here are some static links using ActionLink. Just click at them:
What ActionLink does after your clicking:

Source codes of streaming server in Node.js