New Framework

New Framework - old problems and new solutions:

Coolshare Web Appilcation Framework

by Mark Qian (3/15/2006)



There have been so many "Web Application Frameworks" (with thin client) out there but "the old problems" are still around. The goal of this paper is to address the problems and introduce solutions. You may want to read the "the problems" first before you jump into solutions. The Coolshare Web Application Framework, as one of the solutions for those problems, is a private project run by Mark Qian. The detail documentation about this framework is available

The goals of this project are simple:

A. Identify the problems and come out with solutions theoretically (Mark' role: author) archiving a comprehensive result(Show detailsShow details)

   B. Turn the theoretical solutions into a concrete software 
      structure/framework design (Mark' role: architect)

   C. Deliver a highly scalable, reusable/sharable, configable and maintainable 
      web application framework (Mark' role: developer)


What is wrong with those most popular web application frameworks?

Many frameworks like Struts, JSF, ASP.NET, Tapestry, have been introduced for web app developments in a variety of platforms and patterns but most of them have major problems in following areas (Click at the link below to see the details of each problem and solution):
  • A. Overall Problem:
  • the power of these framework is limited within the CUPs running the web containers, lack of integration with the rest of the application, the browser (The problems and solutionsShow details)
  • B. Browser Tier Problem:
  • there is no real PlugInable "Tiles" (The problems and solutionsShow details)
  • C. Web Tier Problem:
  • assuming http request contains "field/components" (The problems and solutionsShow details)