Solution for "The same origin" - dynamic scripting


"The same origin" is a defective security mechanism that constrains components such as objects 
and pages on a browser to connecting only with the server (domain) that delivered 
the base page. See details about the problem/constrains here.

One of "workaround" is to dynamically replace content of some sctipt which loads content 
from a different server while browsers still think that a script included in a page should 
come from the same origin as the containing page.

Demo - Communication between (i)frames loaded from different domains
solving the client side communication problem
The parent/top frame is loaded from while the iframe (See the source, load_test.html here, "D2"(the second div on this page below), is loaded from There one button in each frame that makes call the a function in the other frame. result: I am able to make calls crossing two (i)frames loaded from different domains! Compatibility: IE (6.x, 7.x), FireFox (, Mozilla/Netscape(7.2), Opera(9.0) were fully tested and worked in XP (v2002. sp2).

Note: you can see the page loaded into the iframe here: